Content Management Solutions

Content Management Solutions

The unprecedented explosion of content, in all its various formats and forms, including paper, web and wireless assets have raised the bars for content management solutions worldwide. Leading to business challenges across many verticals, the various elements of content data management requires cost-effectiveness, timed delivery cycle times, high quality and competitiveness.

We at Bizz Digital Marketing help in leveraging the advantages of proper content management to generate new revenue streams for your business in an affordable and convenient way!

Content Management Services at Bizz Digital Marketing

Our custom content technology solutions go a long way in helping you design, develop, integrate and deploy ECM and CMS systems to suit your specific goals and operations. We provide the result driven features and functionalities of Mark Logic, Documentum, SharePoint, Drupal, Magento and Joomla along with many others.

Our professional team of content managers and webmasters are experienced in building, converting, and maintaining high volumes of catalogued data/content for distribution across a variety of channels which includes manuals, digital guidebooks, catalogues customer service resources and online databases.

Why do you need Content Management Solutions?

Our content management system offers rapid access to business specific information and helps you perform your jobs more efficiently. With our effective services in place, you can take better-informed company specific decisions and enable your organization to become smarter and thus more competitive.

Bizz Digital Marketing provides comprehensive solutions for handling all aspects of content and document management, enterprise content integration and the synchronization of digital assets, records and imaging. Hiring our services helps in the optimization of the value of your information lifecycle at each stage.

Our Services

Our experience and expertise provides an exhaustive range of services from setting up of your digital publishing supply-chain to all other content related needs which include:

  • Editorial workflows
  • Content architecture
  • Enterprise content management systems (ECM)
  • Web content management systems (CMS)
  • Digital content production processes
  • Multi-channel distribution
  • XML-first workflows
  • eBook production and large-scale Apps
  • Test and quality assurance

Why Bizz Digital Marketing?

We combine our holistic approach to manage business information with effective business intelligence, portal development, data management and architecture; to make your business drive better decisions and reach higher levels of excellence.

Our dedicated and professional team of content managers:

  • Select the best resources to meet your content management needs.
  • Implement functional and technical designs, by integrating cost-effective and reusable assets.
  • Build, develop, test and deploy their bespoke solutions to leverage the powers of networking and content management techniques in the best manner possible.

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