Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

In modern times, Google applications serve as the primary keys for your business success. They provide the finest solutions to get your business searched faster and measure your website traffic, the right way. We at Bizz Digital Marketing offer a host of scalable and robust Google analytics and webmaster tools to partner your success. With our experience and expertise by your side, you can convert your website into a well-oiled social media sharing, data tracking and money-making machine.

Google Analytics and Webmaster tools Services

Our experts at Bizz Digital Marketing provide you access to numerous Google business tools, these include:

  • Google Tools for Business Blogs
  • Google Analytics: Measures results by tracking data and website visitors.
  • Google Webmaster: Tracks your links and make sure that potential customers landing on the right web pages.
  • Google Plus Pages and Profiles: Builds a thriving online community on Google’s very own social platform.
  • Google Places: Lists your web presence in Google’s online directory and also in Google Maps.
  • Google Authorship: Links your company’s name, logo and picture on all blog posts.

Our team of professional Google specialists and webmasters help you set up these applications and create a “complete picture”.

Google Analytics and Tools

Our WordPress specialists at Bizz Digital Marketing are well equipped to link and integrate your Google accounts and profiles into your website and make their management easier. We also help you develop more consistent data—to make your results more accurate and provide higher search engine visibility for your products/services. Our experts help you with:

  • A well laid out WordPress website
  • Easy access to install features and plug-ins
  • Set up of business and profile pages with keywords.

Google Plus Community

Hiring our services is a great way of building your Google+ Community –with a consistent, professional and branded look. Our services include:

  • Google Plus Page and Google Profile setup
  • Custom URLs for your Google+ pages
  • Linking of Google+ to your own WordPress website
  • Set up of Google authorship.

Webmaster and Analytics

If you already have Google+ Profiles and Google Places but are desirous of adding tracking/measurement tools, then hire our services for:

  • Customized dashboard and Google Analytics setup
  • Linking of Google Analytics to your website
  • Google Webmaster set up
  • Auditing of your links and ways of improving them.

Are you ready to experience the advantages of using Google to enhance your website’s visibility, profitability, engagement and sales? Contact our experts at Bizz Digital Marketing –Today!