Twitter Business Profile Setup

Twitter Business Profile Setup

Looking for ways of linking your Twitter business profile with your brand? Sounds fairly simple but then your Twitter profile should sync with your website and brand, to ensure continuity.

We harness the power of Twitter, design each essential element and incorporate your profile with your website to drive sales and connect you with customers. With excellent Twitter management skills and business profile setup techniques in store, our experts at Bizz digital Marketing are fully equipped to handle your campaign and networking needs.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter advertising and management specialists at Bizz Digital Marketing deliver great ways of promoting you brand, products and/ or services. Our comprehensive Twitter advertising packages are designed to fall in line with your business goals and are result oriented, innovative and affordable.

Promoted Tweets

With well conceived promoted tweets in place, you can extend your reach beyond your followers and decide on your exact audience. Our Twitter promotion solutions help you target your perspective customers on the basis of interests, demographics and even location. Promoted tweets appear at the top of search results and help users interact with your business posts in a manner similar to other tweets.

We at Bizz Digital Marketing offer promoted tweets on a Cost-per-Engagement (CPE) basis so you need to pay only when a user re-tweets, clicks on or replies to your promoted tweet. They extrapolate your reach and increase the cost-effectiveness of your marketing campaign many times over!

Promoted Trends

If your are aware of how Twitter publishes millions of viral conversations (reflecting the hottest topics of the day), you would also know that these trends find prominence on your timeline on the right hand side. Our promoted trends amplify or kick start a viral conversation to promote your new products/ services or brand giving you unprecedented exposure and higher visibility.

Promoted Accounts

Our skilled social media marketers and Twitter experts can make your brand’s promoted accounts appear in the section designated for “who to follow”. This enables geo-targeted users and other followers get instant and easy access to your Twitter business profile setup.

Twitter Competitions

Arguably the best way of increasing your following, Twitter competitions encourage audience interaction, generate followers and create a buzz around your business presence. We create engaging Twitter competitions to increase your sales, promote your new product/ service and boost your brand in an intriguing and interesting way.

Our bespoke solutions for Twitter management and profile setup go hand-in-hand. Get in touch with our professional team at Bizz Digital Marketing and let Twitter take your business to newer heights.

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